Trailers, commonly known as trailers in the transportation sector, are vehicles that can carry and transport all kinds of heavy loads, including heavy loads, transportation and transportation, and dangerous goods. In short, they are the crates that help carry the load and weight on the back of the transport vehicles. The trailer is connected to the towing vehicle with two different apparatus of two or three and a half inches with a kingpin adapter to prevent leakage of the two machines. In this way, freight transportation can be done without motor vehicles in road transport.


Trailers show many different features and take different names according to the load they will carry and the area to be used. The trailer has types such as awning pilot, jumbo, truck trailer, raft, pool, tipper and silobase. Flatbed trailer is a type of trailer without side and cover part. It is mostly used for loading top loaded products. Tilt trailer is used for dry cargo transportation with tent system. In dry cargo transportation, curtain-type semi-trailers are also used as well as awning trailers. Lowbed is a type of trailer used according to the number of axles in the transportation of heavy tonnage loads. Truck trailer, on the other hand, is a two-pair or more semi-trailer system, depending on the need, as rear and front. It is important to choose the appropriate dimensions for the trailer trailer, which provides a lot of convenience in transportation. Therefore, the main purpose of determining the trailer types is to find the solution that will ensure that the work to be done in the optimum and most efficient way for all kinds of cargo that will be transferred from one specific place to another.


Factory dimensions of the vehicles to be loaded are supplied and trailers are supplied for this purpose. In order for the plan not to be interrupted and the regular loading of the vehicles, trailers with sufficient dimensions must be loaded. These trailer dimensions may vary according to need. Our main goal is to provide you with the export service for the supply of trailers with many types such as flat trailers, jumbo trailers, trucks and trailers, normal open trailers and lowbeds, in a fast and safe way, suitable for the needs of the vehicle to be used.